Monday, July 17, 2006

Vote for me and...

Apparently Howard Dean has studied the Napoleon Dynamite film and decided that Pedro's election plan was a good one. Napoleon advised Pedro to simply say "vote for me and your wildest dreams will come true".

Having previously assured America that once Democrats take charge in DC, we'll catch Bin Laden in a few weeks time, Dean now claims that none of the present strife in Middle East would be occurring if only Democrats had been in charge of America the last six years. Fifty-eight years of hostilities handled neatly by simply electing a Democrat to the White House... Democrats must be the cure for just about every major problem in the world.

Soon we'll find that electing Democrats is also a cure for hemorrhoids, sexual dysfunction and Lyme disease. If only we had known earlier. Expect to see Democratic candidates doing some real funky dance moves in October.


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