Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fools Like Charlie Rangel

If the American people allow fools like Pelosi, Kennedy and Rangel to get control of our government at a time like this we are such trouble.

It is so clear they offer no "better" alternative plans regarding any major issues and that they are simply counting on conservatives to stay home on election day. They are also counting on their base to be too stupid to realize that they are lying about virtually every issue and using the major media to spread their lies.

i.e., Kerry and Carter say the NK nuke is all Bush's fault. They are sure Democrats are too stupid to remember a few years back when it was discovered that NK was cheating on the sacred 1994 agreement from day-one. They can pretend that Iran and NK were happy to stay in the shadows and play nice until that wicked Bush called them "evil". Bush knew what they were up to and called them out, where the Democrats would keep their heads in the sand until the nukes hit us.

Watch Rangel put his dumb-ass on display with Bill O. Can we afford to put in charge these people who want to treat each terrorist like a an American citizen who has committed a crime? They actually want to send each one to a civilian court for an open trial. Our legal system can't even convict OJ! They are clueless to what we are facing in the world.

Every single thing they have said they will do if they get control will be deadly to our war efforts and our economy. The DOW is up to record highs, the deficit is down 50%, unemployment is low, government revenues are sky rocketing... the Dems plan: raise taxes.

We have endless video of major Democrats publicly saying the same things President Bush said before we went into Iraq... the Dems plan: impeach Bush for lying when he said those things. These are the only kind of specifics they have mentioned so far and their foolish, near blind base is ready to put them in charge.


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