Monday, July 31, 2006

We Need More Dead Jews!

This weekend Juan Williams joined the chorus of short-sighted cowards calling for an end to Israel's attacks in Lebanon. He asserts that 500 dead in Lebanon and only 51 dead in Israel is just too imbalanced. I assume the left would show some backbone and support Israel's self-defense if Hezbollah could somehow kill more Israelis to square things up a bit!

Hezbollah deliberately positions itself near UN outposts and civilian areas to promote the accidental killing of non-combatants for this very reason. It has been reported that Hezbollah militiamen had threatened to kill any civilians trying to flee certain areas after the Israelis had warned them to do so. These guys use civilians as shields and then cry foul when women, children and the elderly die. They know how to play Williams and his type like a fiddle. They know when some "innocents" die by an Israeli missile, these wimps will wilt and put pressure on Israel to halt the attacks.

If Israel backs off, what do they get? What happens when you get a cease-fire with these dirt-bags? They re-supply, dig in, build fortifications and go right back to plotting the destruction of Israel and America. Israel is now doing what Europe and the US don't have the guts to do, stand up to Iran and Syria. Should we fight them now while we can win, or pussy-foot around with them till they have nukes? I guess we need to debate that one in Congress.

If Hezbollah's weapons, which are aimed exclusively at civilians, were more accurate maybe we'd see those "dead Jew" numbers up to 500 or more. We need to try to keep the casualties balanced, so Juan can sleep at night and the obsessively egalitarian American left-wing can allow itself to support standing up to people who have announced their intentions to destroy us all.

Read Cry to Those Using Babies as Shields
by Naomi Ragen


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