Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What then shall we do?

The radical left in America thinks it is okay for government employees to reveal secret programs administered by the government, if they happen to oppose the administration or the specific program. They think it is okay for newspapers to publish this information which can weaken our defenses.

According to the New York Times it is improper for the government to have computers scanning patterns of phone calls to and from suspected supporters of terrorists. Now it appears they also disapprove of the government looking at large financial transactions between parties where one or more might be a terror organization or supporter. The recent arrest of seven real people, making real plans to kills thousands of actual Americans was immediately met with derision by Times editorialist Maureen Dowd. She said, in part, "You'd think Michael Chertoff would have something more important to do....These guys were so lame they asked an informant for boots, radios, binoculars, uniforms and cash, believing he was Al Qaeda ..." So I guess her idea is that we should wait till they get farther along with their plans to see if they are actually worthy of arrest.

So what is left for us to do? We can't try to spot the plans and the planners through phone and banks records because we fear our own government more than people sworn to kill us in vast numbers? When we do actually catch a group planning to blow up buildings and kill Americans that action is deemed worthy of ridicule? Can any sane person actually be on the side of people who think like this?

Is it not clear that the extreme and even moderate left in America is so absorbed with Bush hatred they cannot think straight? I'm all for watching for government to over-reach or unreasonably invade our privacy, but you don't have to shoot down every reasonable effort to protect us.

It has gone largely unreported that we are currently enjoying the longest period of time without an attack on US interests at home or abroad since 1979. I suspect to actually report that would somehow give Bush and crew some credit for doing something right, so the NY Times and others won't mention it.


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You rightwingers are trhe scourge of our society. You don't deserve to be heard with your screwy ideas.


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