Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bolton calls it quits - we all lose.

It is arguable that all politicians are duplicitous self-serving pricks, but some are worse than others. Now that the real assholes are a majority in the House and Senate, the Speaker elect addresses corruption by trying to put corrupt people like Murtha and Hastings in key positions (thankfully Pelosi failed in both cases). The 9-11 Commission recommendations they were going to implement… not so much. Worse, they will now block all progress with regard to appointments by the lowest tactic possible… the filibuster. The loss of Bolton at the UN is the first such defeat for America under the Democrat majority. Trust me, they will not only argue against good people filling positions... they will block most, if not all, from even getting a vote on the floor. - AS

“Yes, he could be a blunt man. But John Bolton surprised many people by pretty effectively working the room at the United Nations, especially on difficult issues such as North Korea, Iran, Lebanon and Darfur.

One good, recent example: After months of maneuvering, the UN was prepared to set up an international tribunal to try the killers of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Then another Lebanese Cabinet minister, Pierre Gemayel, was assassinated. Some in the UN started quietly maneuvering to postpone final approval of the tribunal because of Lebanon's "instability."
Bolton's angry reply: "How incredibly wrong that would be. Instability? They're killing people in Lebanon. They're assassinating political leaders. Not the time to seek justice? There may be those on the Security Council who say it. Let them step forward and say it." The UN approved the tribunal hours later.

That track record apparently didn't matter much in Washington. Bolton's close-minded? Turns out it was his critics who fit that bill.”

Bolton calls it quits.


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