Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Diplomacy, Not.

In order for there to be any diplomatic solution to a conflict each side has to want something that can be gained through negotiation. Therefore, calls for diplomatic efforts in the Middle East by Sen. Biden and others are laughable and tragically naive. What is it they believe Hamas, Hezbollah and those of their ilk want from us? What can we offer them in exchange for the quiet respectful coexistence we desire?

Muslims who are committed to the destruction of Israel and the USA want nothing that we can provide, except our own mass suicide. They don't desire to have better roads, a college education for their children, big screen televisions or a Wal-Mart. They have no interest in acquiring property through negotiated settlements and then building an economy for themselves. Living peacefully with their infidel neighbors is not their goal. Their driving ambition is the destruction of Israel and the USA, and pretty much anyone one else that they disapprove of.

The only thing these people, including the likes of North Korea, ever negotiate for is time. The end result of any agreement we make with them is that they get time to plot against us while we stupidly think giving them some economic aid or territorial concessions has gained something else that we wanted. Ask yourself this: when has any negotiated peace or cease-fire ever worked with the Muslims? Off the top of my head, I can't think of one.

Israel pulled out of Gaza and Southern Lebanon and their enemies used the opportunity to build up stores of weapons with which to continue attacking Jews. They did not see the concessions made by Israel as a gesture toward peace, but rather a sign of weakness and an opening for them to launch further assaults.

If the world sits by and attempts to negotiate too long, Iran will develop nuclear weapons and I believe they will use them. This is what they live for, to kill and be killed in the name of Allah. We should make an effort to fulfill the second part of that equation, while avoiding the first.

- Alan


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