Monday, July 31, 2006

Imagine A Proportional Response in WW2.

"If expanded terrorism, unprovoked attacks and threats to dominate the Middle East and the world are the consequences of perceived weakness, what might the benefits be for exhibiting strength? Peace through strength was more than a slogan during the Reagan years.

Instead of talk about "appropriate" responses to unprovoked attacks, "proportional" military action and worrying about our "image," what might be the result of sustained, unremitting and effective military might that neutralizes Hezbollah and teaches a lesson to those who would kill us?

Imagine if we had been concerned about a proportional response at the beginning of World War II. Instead, America nuked Japan and firebombed Germany. We weren't after a "sustainable cease-fire," nor did we speak in diplomatic niceties or worry about "civilian casualties." Our goal was the enemy's unconditional and complete surrender. There haven't been any dictators in Germany or Japan since.

There will be no diplomatic solution to this war. President Bush has asserted that democracy burns in every human heart. I want to believe that, but am growing skeptical."

Read The West's language problem by Cal Thomas


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