Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It Is Hard To Watch WW3 Each Night.

For whatever reason I am not feeling well these days. Not sleeping well, generally confused, weak and pessimistic. I'm having a major work-up with the doctor next week. I think it may be old age combined with stress over all the wars in the Middle East, which is in fact one war. My restless nights started when Israel went after the nutcase Islamists, fighting the war we should be fighting - with Iran. Iran is behind all this and Hezbollah is just an arm of their military. It is really clear that Iran is pulling the strings in Iraq and Lebanon. If they ever develop serious weapons, the entire world is in big trouble.

Diplomacy and "strong resolutions" from the UN are meaningless to these people. Anyone who does not get that by now is just whistling past the graveyard.

It is hard to watch WW3 developing on TV each night and feel good about anything else. - Alan


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Gerald Stewart said...

I am concerned for you. Sounds like you are taking all of this pretty seriously, which we all should. Though you have a son who is much closer to having to fight this war we are in, all of our sons are potential draftees in the event of all out war.

I think about that a lot too. I am convinced that you and I will see our sons have to fight before we die. It will be necessary, to maintain the freedoms we have given ourselves. If I could join today so my sons would not have to, I would. Unfortunately it is the young who fight old men's wars.


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