Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Carter, The Foolish Former President

"Wouldn't it be nice if President Bush asked (Former President)Carter to go to Haifa and be his eyes and ears for the next two years? Get set up in a nice place somewhere in the northern part of Israel, and let him go shopping in a mall, not knowing where or when someone will scream Allah is great in Arabic and detonate a vest bomb, prepare his own bomb shelter and stay down there for a few days at a time?

I'd like him to live in a country where the surrounding world on all of your borders wants you dead or thrown into the sea, and then have to listen to talk from international fatheads half a world away openly promote the idea of giving away land to bring these same people that want you dead even closer to where you live. Then, after you've lived that experience, then tell me about your grand peace plans, and who's attacking who, Mr. Carter. "

Hugh Hewitt - RadioBlogger.com


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