Sunday, August 20, 2006

Take the gloves off before it is too late.

Our self-proclaimed enemies are fanatical Islamists who have been conditioned to see death as a promotion and have no problem going after civilian targets. They don't have uniforms, they can be any age or gender, they don't have military assets or governments that can be attacked, they don't have land to conquer... it's a mess.

Freedom of religion and thought, and respect for the rights of others must have limits when a large dedicated group adopts the fundamental position that hey must enslave or kill pretty much every other group on the planet. Perhaps sooner, rather than later, there will be a big fight with big weapons. I think our experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Israeli's recent conflict in Lebanon should make it clear that conventional thinking about warfare with these primitive idiots won't work. They have illustrated to us that diplomacy won't work and conventional military action won't work, so they may have left us with an unpleasant but clear alternative. My feeling is we'll have to engage in some mass extermination. We will not have time to sort out the good Muslims from the bad Muslims.

Frankly, it will be no great loss to humanity. They have contributed nothing to advancements in science, medicine, arts or culture in a thousand years or so. They have made it known for centuries that their calling is to die trying to kill all infidels and any other Muslims who happen to disagree with them. We need to think of this as 1938 all over again and actually make the correct but difficult choice, or the entire world is in peril.

They have laid down the ground rules... either we die or they die. I opt for them dieing in large numbers and soon.


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