Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why are they fighting?

Twenty-six years ago I asked a Lebanese friend of mine if there could be a settlement of the differences between Jews and Arabs. I asked if Israel could give enough land, or otherwise make concessions sufficient to end the hostilities with his home country. His response was that no mater what deals were made, or demands were met, he believed Jews will raise their kids to hate Arabs and he in turn will raise his children to hate the Jews.

At various times over the years since that conversation, Israel, with the help of the USA, has made generous offers to the Palestinians which have been rejected. Israel pulled out of Lebanon and Gaza, and was about to start pulling out of the West Bank, but the Islamists, Persian and Arab, do not want to deal with Israel they want to destroy Israel. This is the only outcome they can accept.

The murder of Sadat sent the clear message that any Arab leader who dares make peace with Israel will become a target of hate filled Islamists. So their leaders cannot seek peace for their people and state funded militias, like Hezbollah, can make camp in a host country and go to war against Israel from there without fear of resistance from the host country.

My friend was almost right in his response. Jews may not like Arabs, but they are willing to make agreements and give concessions to achieve peace with them. The Arabs are not willing to make peace. It is pretty clear to any rational person who is stoking this fire. I cannot fault Israel for fighting back.


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