Thursday, January 11, 2007

On My Mind

We are not fighting Iraqis. We are trying to help the newly formed government deal with local thugs and foreign forces set upon destroying any progress toward a free, America-friendly nation.

The Iraqi people, and Arabs in general, have a long history of being ruled by whatever strong man takes power and the idea of self-government will be slow to take hold.

Islam and the cultural heritage of this area promote vast social inequity and allow for a brutal disregard for individual rights. If Arabs, Persians and other Islamists around the world do not shift their thinking on individual rights, democracy will never work for them. If they cannot learn to tolerate differences of opinion or belief, the majority, or what ever thug is in power, will always be able to abuse the minority. The only reason a free, democratic society has worked here in America is because we honor a Bill of Rights that protects the minority or those out of power.

Ted Kennedy’s idea of running any war by committee is crazy. The Commander in Chief has to be able to direct the activities of our forces without endless debate with Congress. Congress is inefficient, wasteful, slow to act and too subject to the winds of political opportunity to be given authority to directly inhibit the President’s authority in wartime. The President may be a good Commander or a bad one, but there is no practical alternative when it comes to authority over the military.



At 1:52 PM, Blogger Moose and Squirrel said...

Very nicely written, and very true. Congress has to
stop acting like a bunch of kindergarteners and deal
with our President's authority, as well as the threat
of mass extinction if the terrorists win control of
this planet.


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