Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sad State of Affairs

Too bad the "free world" has no guts anymore. We allow ourselves to be bullied and pushed around by the forces of oppression and evil in the world, seemingly unable to learn from even the recent past. Iran has made their intentions clear and is just playing us for time. If we give them time to develop or purchase nuclear weapons, they will hold the entire world for ransom. They have a dark, twisted take on what they want the world to be and with such weapons they could go a long way to seeing that vision come about. Alexis De Tocqueville worried that democracy in the USA would lead to an "egalitarian dismissal of excellence". It is true in this case and with deadly consequences. Our concerns about being nice and fair and just and even-handed prevents us from defending ourselves against forces that openly call for our destruction.

Egalitarian lunacies like kids soccer leagues where no one keeps score, or letting kids who can't read graduate high school is bad enough, but going so far as to refuse to profile the most likely individuals to blow up an airplane, or be so concerned about world opinion that we allow ourselves to be massacred by the hundreds because we don't want to hurt someone's feelings is literally insane. It is highly possible that allowing North Korea or Iran to be armed with nuclear weapons will lead to hundreds of thousands of people dying for no good reason. We fooled around trying to make nice with N. Korea and that has put us in a real bind. Now we are doing the same with Iran.

Watching Israel try to wage a just and much overdue war without hurting any innocents was painful. They failed to take out the enemy by trying to be nice about it. All this while hundreds of Iranian rockets rained down on Israeli civilians every day. Everyone knows the resolution from the UN means nothing to Hezbollah and their Iranian benefactors, other than this: it buys them time to reload.

Israel May Go It Alone Against Iran

"Israel is carefully watching the world's reaction to Iran's continued refusal to suspend uranium enrichment, with some high-level officials arguing it is now clear that when it comes to stopping Iran, Israel "may have to go it alone," The Jerusalem Post has learned."


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