Friday, August 25, 2006

Change yes. Democrats no.

The Democrats are clearly lining up to benefit from the poor communication coming from the White House and the strains of a difficult war against and elusive and persistent enemy. Howard Dean spelled it out on CNN a couple of days ago by chanting over and over "America wants change". So the Dems continue to offer no real new ideas while harping on a need for change. Sadly, if they get in power those changes will be more acquiescence to the enemy, a more intrusive government, higher taxes and a series of idiotic assaults on President Bush.

People who want change should have more then one option for that change. Does anyone really think the likes of Pelosi, Conyers and Boxer will provide better leadership in Congress?

In addition to Conyers' plans for multiple efforts to impeach the President, what do they have in mind if they take over Congress? read this.

For a tart assessment of where the liberals stand on fighting The War on Terror, read this.


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