Friday, September 22, 2006

Forget Nostradamus... JFK Knew About 9/11!

Forget about Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus. JFK's doodles reveal his prediction of 9/11 conspiricy!

If you look at his doodles while listening to Euro Enya music, you must believe it is true. A double dose of "dumb ass" and a hit of Millennium Bud also makes it easier to believe this bullshit.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Head-in-the-Sand Liberals

At last a die-hard liberal is writing something I can agree with virtually 100%. This guy "gets it" like no one I have read to date, right or left. I don't think anyone could sum up the truth about our situation today better than he has.

If you care about your life, the lives of fellow Americans and the survival of your country, you have to read this. Don't let the title bias your approach to the material; just read what he says an think about it. He is no fan of Bush or conservative policy, but what he says about the differences between the way liberals and conservative view the threat from Islamic radicals is very insightful.

Given that there have been clear proclamations by jihadists regarding major assaults on the US in the near future, this may be one of the last chances we have to get the nature of the threat clear in our minds before an inconceivable event occurs that will propel us into all-out war. A real war. Not the kind of war we have been fighting, which is a war contaminated with political correctness, lack of commitment and indecision.

We can disagree with all manner of conservative policy on a wide range of issues, but if liberals continue to behave as though jihad is a secondary concern and focus all of their energy on attacking Republicans and claiming as though Bush is more of an enemy than Bin Laden and company, they will be marginalized in an extreme manner when the real war begins.

I long for the days when we could just debate about health care, or taxation or education reform. If we can't get together on this current front, none of those things will matter. - Alan

" correspondence with liberals has convinced me that liberalism has grown dangerously out of touch with the realities of our world — specifically with what devout Muslims actually believe about the West, about paradise and about the ultimate ascendance of their faith."

Read: Head-in-the-Sand Liberals

Western civilization really is at risk from Muslim extremists.

By Sam Harris