Friday, September 15, 2006

Insulting the "religion of peace" could get you killed!

Pope Benedict XVI committed a blunder by saying, among other things, that Islam was a religion "spread by the sword."

By unwittingly angering Muslims with his comments on Islam, the Pope shows he has yet to learn that speaking the truth about Islam will cause those "peace loving" Muslims to fly into a homicidal rage.

The effect is much like disagreeing with first-amendment-loving, tolerant liberal Democrats, who will stop at nothing to deny you the right to do so, often by the most intolerant means possible.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Double Standard

"When ABC cut portions of the most controversial segments before airing the film, there was no outcry from the American Civil Liberties Union that has so often and so loudly lectured us on the dangers not merely of government censorship, but of insidious self-censorship as a result of public pressures.

Nor did the New York Times or the law faculty of Harvard University rush to the producers' defense, despite the long-held and self-acclaimed commitments of both to free speech and the First Amendment at nearly all costs. And, of course, we heard none of the current furor when Oliver Stone produced his wacko conspiracies on the Kennedy assassination and the life of Richard Nixon.

Third, a far greater problem, contrary to the current noise, is not with the docudrama per se--especially when the viewer is clearly and often apprised of this new genre's nature and limitations--but rather with documentaries that do not list any such disclaimers and yet distort truth through clever editing of film clips. A great deal of Michael Moore's documentaries was composed of drive-by interviews of the surprised, senile, or bushwhacked. Many interviews encouraged false impressions, and, unknown to the viewer, were not natural or impromptu, but propped or staged, and so taken out context as to imply the very opposite as intended by the speaker.

Note again, for all this, Mr. Moore was not condemned by historians or lawyers, but rather rewarded with a prominent seat at the Democratic National Convention. "

Read The Path to 9/11--A Postmortem by Victor Davis Hanson

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Arab Apology: this guy has guts


September 12, 2006 -- WELL, here it is, five years late, but here just the same: an apology from an Arab-American for 9/11. No, I didn't help organize the killers or contribute in any way to their terrible cause. However, I was one of millions of Arab-Americans who did the unspeakable on 9/11: nothing.

The only time I raised my voice in protest against these men who killed thousands of innocents in the name of Allah was behind closed doors, among the safety of friends and family. I did at one point write a very vitriolic essay condemning their actions, but fear of becoming another Salman Rushdie kept me from ever trying to publish it.

Well, I'm sick of saying the truth only in private - that Arabs around the world, including Arab-Americans like myself, need to start holding our own culture accountable for the insane, violent actions that our extremists have perpetrated on the world at large.

Yes, our extremists and our culture.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Year's Ago Today.

Where were you and what are you doing about it?

I was working in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks. I came up to my hotel room from a meeting and saw on the cable news that the first tower had been struck by an aircraft. At that point Steve Bayes, my suitemate, and I speculated about what had occurred. Like many, we initially thought it might have been an accident. Steve was working on his computer as I watched the live coverage from New York. Then I saw the second plane hit the other tower and said to Steve, "This is no accident. A second plane just hit the other tower." Then we knew our world had changed forever. I am still angry and want to get involved in the fight, but I am too old to participate directly. However, my oldest son is signing up with the US Marines today, 9/11/2006. He was sixteen in 2001 and has grown to manhood with this terrible event in his mind. He realizes that we are at war with people who are serious about killing us all. He, like his brother who just graduated from boot camp, will not sit on the sidelines and let others fight this fight for him.- Alan Stewart, Studio City, CA