Friday, August 25, 2006

Change yes. Democrats no.

The Democrats are clearly lining up to benefit from the poor communication coming from the White House and the strains of a difficult war against and elusive and persistent enemy. Howard Dean spelled it out on CNN a couple of days ago by chanting over and over "America wants change". So the Dems continue to offer no real new ideas while harping on a need for change. Sadly, if they get in power those changes will be more acquiescence to the enemy, a more intrusive government, higher taxes and a series of idiotic assaults on President Bush.

People who want change should have more then one option for that change. Does anyone really think the likes of Pelosi, Conyers and Boxer will provide better leadership in Congress?

In addition to Conyers' plans for multiple efforts to impeach the President, what do they have in mind if they take over Congress? read this.

For a tart assessment of where the liberals stand on fighting The War on Terror, read this.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sad State of Affairs

Too bad the "free world" has no guts anymore. We allow ourselves to be bullied and pushed around by the forces of oppression and evil in the world, seemingly unable to learn from even the recent past. Iran has made their intentions clear and is just playing us for time. If we give them time to develop or purchase nuclear weapons, they will hold the entire world for ransom. They have a dark, twisted take on what they want the world to be and with such weapons they could go a long way to seeing that vision come about. Alexis De Tocqueville worried that democracy in the USA would lead to an "egalitarian dismissal of excellence". It is true in this case and with deadly consequences. Our concerns about being nice and fair and just and even-handed prevents us from defending ourselves against forces that openly call for our destruction.

Egalitarian lunacies like kids soccer leagues where no one keeps score, or letting kids who can't read graduate high school is bad enough, but going so far as to refuse to profile the most likely individuals to blow up an airplane, or be so concerned about world opinion that we allow ourselves to be massacred by the hundreds because we don't want to hurt someone's feelings is literally insane. It is highly possible that allowing North Korea or Iran to be armed with nuclear weapons will lead to hundreds of thousands of people dying for no good reason. We fooled around trying to make nice with N. Korea and that has put us in a real bind. Now we are doing the same with Iran.

Watching Israel try to wage a just and much overdue war without hurting any innocents was painful. They failed to take out the enemy by trying to be nice about it. All this while hundreds of Iranian rockets rained down on Israeli civilians every day. Everyone knows the resolution from the UN means nothing to Hezbollah and their Iranian benefactors, other than this: it buys them time to reload.

Israel May Go It Alone Against Iran

"Israel is carefully watching the world's reaction to Iran's continued refusal to suspend uranium enrichment, with some high-level officials arguing it is now clear that when it comes to stopping Iran, Israel "may have to go it alone," The Jerusalem Post has learned."

Monday, August 21, 2006

Slay the idolaters wherever you find them

"There's not a single verse in the Koran talking about peace with a non-Muslim, with the Jews and the Christians. Islam means submission. Islam means surrender. It means you surrender and accept Islamic hegemony over yourselves..."

Sam Soloman says the outlets for Islamic ideology are religious — seminaries, the madrassas (Koranic schools) and especially the mosques. "From the beginning, Mohammed used the mosque to propagate this ideology. It was in the mosque that jihad was declared (and) that troops were sent to conquer the rest of the world. The mosque was the seat of government and Americans are right to be concerned about (their growth)."

He asks Americans to inform themselves about the real teachings of Islam and not to fall for what various Islamic groups say it teaches. Soloman says, "The simplest Islamic book you open" teaches that all unbelievers (in Islam) are profane people. "Because of the (Koranic) text and what it says, it incites violence." He begins quoting verses from memory, too quickly to write them all down. One is, "Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush." (Surah 9:5)

"They are infiltrating and undermining every part of this society. We are promoting Islamic mortgages, Islamic insurance companies. There are 29 banks in the United States promoting Islamic banking. Since 1999, Dow Jones has launched Dow Jones Islamic Index and has subjected itself to be governed by an international Sharia board." (Sharia is the religious law of Islam outlined in the Koran.)

Soloman adds, "The Islamic organizations have their missionaries and there are active or sleeping cells in this country." He mentions one, Tablighi Jamaat, "a Pakistani organization that is hand-in-glove with the Wahaabis, strong Muslim sects known for their strict observance of the Koran, and a strong facilitator of al-Qaida and other factions of terrorism. They alone have 1,000 missionaries in New York, 50,000 across the United States. This is only one organization. In 1994, I took a map and started putting pins in it. I found there is not a single state without a mosque. Since then (the number) has increased."

Americans must see past their natural reluctance to paint all members of a group with a broad brush and realize our failure to act now against this clear and present danger in the ways Sam Soloman recommends will lead to a disaster for us that is far worse than our Cold War enemies had envisioned.

Soloman was brought up in the Islamic tradition and became a "recruiter," which he says is something like an assistant teacher. One of his responsibilities was "brainwashing people in the Koran." He tells Cal Thomas "The suicide bombers go through stages, and the most important stage is not when they blow themselves up. The most important stage is conforming them to the (Muslim) ideology. Once they are conformed to the ideology, the rest is easy. That is the role I had."


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Take the gloves off before it is too late.

Our self-proclaimed enemies are fanatical Islamists who have been conditioned to see death as a promotion and have no problem going after civilian targets. They don't have uniforms, they can be any age or gender, they don't have military assets or governments that can be attacked, they don't have land to conquer... it's a mess.

Freedom of religion and thought, and respect for the rights of others must have limits when a large dedicated group adopts the fundamental position that hey must enslave or kill pretty much every other group on the planet. Perhaps sooner, rather than later, there will be a big fight with big weapons. I think our experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Israeli's recent conflict in Lebanon should make it clear that conventional thinking about warfare with these primitive idiots won't work. They have illustrated to us that diplomacy won't work and conventional military action won't work, so they may have left us with an unpleasant but clear alternative. My feeling is we'll have to engage in some mass extermination. We will not have time to sort out the good Muslims from the bad Muslims.

Frankly, it will be no great loss to humanity. They have contributed nothing to advancements in science, medicine, arts or culture in a thousand years or so. They have made it known for centuries that their calling is to die trying to kill all infidels and any other Muslims who happen to disagree with them. We need to think of this as 1938 all over again and actually make the correct but difficult choice, or the entire world is in peril.

They have laid down the ground rules... either we die or they die. I opt for them dieing in large numbers and soon.